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Bonnie's First Day of School

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Book Level: 2

Excerpt from The Book: "Bonnie's First Day of School"

It is my first day at school. Mommy is holding my hand and walking with me. “I am grown up now,” I say. “Let go, let go!” Mommy holds my hand very tight.There are many children near the school. They come by bus. They come by car. They come by rickshaw. They cycle. They walk like me.We reach the gate. Mommy lets go of my hand. She stays at the gate. I have to go inside alone. There are many new faces all around me.I take one step. I take another step. I look back. Mommy gets smaller as I walk away. Will she disappear? I run back to her. I don’t feel so grown up. I hold her hand. “Don’t go away, ” I say.Everyone is inside now. I am the only one outside The teacher comes out. She smiles at me. I smile back. Mommy says, "Bonnie, I will be here when you come out." I let go of her hand. She waves to me.I run inside. Mommy will be there after school.