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Keep the Sea clean

Written By: ReadM

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  • Book Level: 1

Excerpt from The Book: "Keep the Sea clean"

The sea is a beautiful place, full of fish, plants, and animals. But what happens when we throw trash into the sea? The trash can hurt the fish, the plants, and the animals. It can block their homes and make it hard for them to find food.It can also make the water dirty and unhealthy. If we don't recycle, the trash will just keep piling up in the sea. It will get worse and worse until the sea is full of trash and there is no place for the fish, the plants, and the animals to live. We can help the sea by recycling.When we recycle, we are taking trash out of the environment and giving it a new life. We are also helping to keep the sea clean and healthy for the fish, the plants, and the animals. Let's all do our part to recycle and help the sea!