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The Day We Made Chocolate

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "The Day We Made Chocolate"

One day, Nora, her mom, and her little sister went to the store to buy some milk. Mei saw a big sign that said, "Buy one gallon of milk, get one free chocolate bar!" Nora's eyes grew wide. "Can we get a chocolate bar, Mom?" she asked. "Sure," Mom said."We can have a chocolate bar after dinner tonight." Nora was so excited! She couldn't wait to eat her chocolate bar. When they got home, Nora helped Mom make dinner.They had mac and cheese. After dinner, Nora got her chocolate bar. She took a big bite and it was delicious!. Nora asked Mom, "Can you teach me how to make chocolate?."Mom said, "Of course I can, It's easy." Mom showed Nora how to melt chocolate chips in a pan. Then, she showed her how to stir in some milk and sugar.Nora helped Mom pour the chocolate into molds. The next day, Nora woke up early and went to the kitchen. She couldn't wait to see her chocolate bars! She looked in the molds and saw that they had turned into perfect little chocolate squares.Nora was so happy! She ate one of her chocolate bars and it was even better than she had imagined. Nora and Mom had a lot of fun making chocolate together. They made more chocolate bars the next day, and they gave them to all of their friends and family. Everyone loved the chocolate bars, and Nora was so proud of herself for making them.