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I Want That One

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 11
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "I Want That One"

Today is a holiday. Mom stayed at home and rested. Noah also stayed home, He wanted to do SOMETHING! "Mom, I want to see what is in that blue box!” said Noah. “Later,” said Mom.Noah put a stool over a chair. He climbed up to get the box down. “No, no! Not that one! All the boxes on top of that will fall on our heads,” said Mom.Noah was very angry. He was angry with his mother.“Come, let’s go to the market and get you something,” said Mom.Noah was very angry even after they went to the market. “I want that one!” he said, pointing at an orange. “No, no, not that one! The fruits will all fall down!” said the shopkeeper.“I want that book!” said Noah. “No, no, not that one!” said the shopkeeper, “Take this one.”“I want that one!” shouted Noah, Almost pulling out a cookie from a high stack of cookies. “No, no, not that one!” warned the shopkeeper. “All my cookies will fall to the ground!”“I want that one!” said Noah loudly. He was now in a very bad mood. “No, no, not that one!” said the flower seller. “Don’t touch them! They will wilt.”By now, Noah was crying loudly. Everyone was looking at him.“I want that one! The black one!” said Mom loudly. Noah stopped crying suddenly. “Mom, no, no! Not that one!” said Noah.“Let’s take this brown one!” said Noah. Then he gently lifted the brown puppy on top of a pile of puppies. “Mom, I am very angry with you! All the puppies would have fallen!” Mom smiled. Noah was smiling too. He was not angry at all now.