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The Red Raincoat

Written By: Storyweaver

  • Total Pages: 9
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "The Red Raincoat"

On Sunday, Mason's parents got him a red raincoat. “Mom, may I wear it now?” “No, my dear, the rains are near, but just now the sky is clear,” said MomMonday was bright and sunny. “WILL it rain today, Mommy?” “No Mason, not today. If you wear your raincoat, you will look quite funny!” said Mom.On Tuesday, the sky was blue. “Mom, WHEN will my wish come true?” “Not today, my dear, there is just one white cloud in the sky!” said Mom.Wednesday was hot. “Mom, WHY doesn’t it rain?” “Son, I think it will rain very soon. Maybe even before it is noon,” said Mom.On Thursday, Mason went on a picnic. “Mom, WHAT if it rains? Shall I take the raincoat with me?” “No my dear, it will not rain today. The little white clouds are too high in the sky,” said Mom.Friday was cloudy. “Mom, will it rain today?” asked Mason loudly. “It might, my dear. There are some dark clouds low down in the sky,” said Mom.Saturday began with a bang! "Mom, is that thunder I hear? Will it rain very soon?"And then, at last, it started raining! “Oh, it’s raining, it’s raining,” shout Mason, running out.“But Mason,” called Mom, running after him, “you forgot your raincoat!”