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Mouse in the House

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 11
  • Book Level: 2

Excerpt from The Book: "Mouse in the House"

There was a mouse inside the house and Grandma saw it first. "Mouse!" she screamed, jumping up the sofa. The cushions fell on the floor.“Where?” asked Dad, climbing up the window. He pulled the curtains down. “There!” shouted Mom, leaping upon the table. The plates fell with a crash."Catch him!" said Jason to the cat. But the cat looked at the mouse and fled under the bed. “Mouse!” screamed Jason, running behind the cat."I will chase it out," said Mom bravely. She took out the broom and poked here and there. "Mouse!," said Dad, "behind you." Mom looked at the mouse, and fled under the bed!"I know what to do" shouted Grandma, jumping down from the sofa. She rolled up a newspaper and poked here and there."Mouse" yelled Dad climbing the window even higher. “To your left!” Grandma looked at the mouse, and fled under the bed.Dad couldn’t go any higher. He climbed down carefully, And fled under the bed before the mouse could see him!"Mouse in the House!" shouted everyone together. That woke Baby Maya up. She rested on her mat, rubbing her eyes sleepily. What was that on her pillow?It had two eyes, four feet, and a long tail. "Mouse!" said Baby Maya, clapping happily. Baby Maya looked at the mouse, and the mouse fled, with Baby right behind him!Leaping up the sofa, Climbing the window, Jumping up the table, and Tumbling over the cushions.Running in between the curtains, Over the table, and finally out of the door!