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The Two Stars

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "The Two Stars"

Once upon a time, there were two stars who were best friends. They lived in different parts of the sky, but they would always talk to each other at night.The first star was a big, bright star. He was very proud of his brightness, and he loved to show off. The second star was a small, faint star. She was very shy, and she didn't like to draw attention to herself.One day, the big star decided to play a trick on the little star. He hid behind a cloud, and then he shouted, "Look! The little star is gone!" All of the other stars in the sky laughed. The little star was very sad.She didn't know what to do. The big star felt bad for what he had done. He came out from behind the cloud and said, "I'm sorry, little star, I didn't mean to scare you.The little star smiled. "It's okay" she said, "I know you didn't mean it." The two stars hugged, and they were best friends again.The big star learned that it's not nice to play tricks on others. The little star learned that it's okay to be different. And they both learned that the best friendships are the ones that are based on love and understanding.