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Lost and Found

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 11
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "Lost and Found"

Not here, not there. Where have you gone?Not on the sofa. Not under the table.Not in the box. Not under my sister's dress.Not under the pillow. Not in my bag. Where have you gone?I have looked in every room, I have looked under every book.I have looked under the chair, I have looked under the stool. Where have you gone?Soon Granny came back from her walk. "Look what I found in the park.""It can sway, it can bounce. It can spin, it can dangle.Granny! Thank you so much! You have found my dear yo-yo!""What a funny name!" "What a fun toy!" "I want to play with it. It gives me so much joy!"Granny played with my little toy for the rest of the day!