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Little Egg

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 8
  • Book Level: 2

Excerpt from The Book: "Little Egg"

Once upon a time, there was an egg that did not want to hatch. It sat in the nest and said, "I'm not ready to hatch, I'm not sure if I want to be a bird."The other eggs in the nest laughed, "Of course, you want to be a bird," they said. "It's the best thing in the world!" But the egg just shook its head."I'm not sure," it said "I'm scared" The other eggs tried to tell the egg that there was nothing to be scared of, but the egg wouldn't listen.It just kept saying, "I'm not ready." One day, the egg's mother came to the nest. She saw that the egg was still unhatched, and she was worried."What's wrong, little one?" she asked. The egg told its mother that it was scared to hatch, It didn't know if it wanted to be a bird. The mother bird smiled."There's nothing to be scared of," she said, "Being a bird is the best thing in the world. You will see.The egg still wasn't sure, but it trusted its mother. So, it took a deep breath and cracked open, The other eggs cheered, and the mother bird smiled. The egg had finally hatched, and it was a beautiful little bird.The bird looked around at the world and smiled, It was glad that it had hatched. It was ready to fly.