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Kayla Goes To Kindergarten

Written By: Agam Farhi

  • Total Pages: 5
  • Book Level: 2
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Excerpt from The Book: "Kayla Goes To Kindergarten"

It's the last day of the summer vacation. Tomorrow is Kayla's first day of kindergarten. Kayla prepared her bag and clothes. It is time to sleep.Kayla lay down in bed. The clock is ticking. It is too late. But Kayla can not sleep, she is excited for tomorrow.Good morning, time to wake up. Kayla dresses up and takes her blue bag. "My teacher is waiting," said Kayla to her mom. "It is time to go to school."On her way, she saw new kids. "Are they going to my class?" she wondered. Here is my teacher. She welcomes us."Wow, look at all these toys!" Balls, dolls and a bear are on the rug. "I think I'm going to have so much fun," she thought to herself. "I can not wait to come back tomorrow".