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Alison's birthday party

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 4
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "Alison's birthday party"

My name is Lisa. It is my sister's birthday on Sunday. Her name is Allison. Today, my mom is taking me and Allison to buy a lot of stuff for the party.We are buying balloons, napkins and a goodie bag. I am buying her the perfect gift a brand new Roller Skate Allison loves to skate, but now her old roller skate is too small for her foot. I hope she will like my gift.Next Sunday all of Allison's friends will come to our house. My mom is going to bake her a vanilla cake. With rainbow sprinkles. And we all dress up as princesses and pirates.My uncle will make our balloons in different shapes. And we all going to sing "happy birthday" songs. Then each kid will get a bag with surprises. And a slice of the cake.