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The Adventures of Freya in England

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 5
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "The Adventures of Freya in England"

Freya was a little girl who lived in a small town in England. She loved to play outside in the fields and woods, and she always had a big smile on her face. One day, Freya was playing in the woods when she came across a magical creature. The creature was a beautiful unicorn, and it told Freya that it could grant her one wish.Freya was so excited! She had always wanted to fly, so she wished that she could be a bird. The unicorn granted her wish, and Freya turned into a beautiful bird. She flew all over the countryside, and she had the best time of her life. When it was time for Freya to go home, she was sad to leave her new flying friends.But she knew that she would never forget her adventure. And she knew that she would always be grateful to the unicorn for granting her wish. The next day, Freya went back to the woods to visit the unicorn. She wanted to thank it again for making her wish come true.But when she got to the clearing, the unicorn was gone. Freya was disappointed, but she knew that she would never forget the unicorn or the adventure that she had had. She also knew that she would always be grateful for the gift that the unicorn had given her. Freya went back to her house and told her parents all about her adventure.They were so proud of her, and they were happy that she had had such a wonderful time. Freya never forgot her adventure in the woods. She learned that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.