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The Enchanted Forest

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 7
  • Book Level: 1

Excerpt from The Book: "The Enchanted Forest"

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a young girl named Emma. Emma was adventurous and loved exploring the nearby forest. One sunny morning, as she walked deeper into the woods, she noticed something magical.The trees around her started to glow with a soft, shimmering light. Curious, Emma followed the glowing path, which led her to a hidden clearing. In the center of the clearing, she found a sparkling fountain with water that glowed like stars.Beside the fountain stood a friendly fairy named Grace, with wings that shimmered like rainbows. Grace greeted Emma with a warm smile and explained that the fountain was enchanted. She said, "The water from this fountain grants wishes, but only those with a kind heart."Emma was amazed and decided to make a wish to bring joy to her village. She closed her eyes and wished for a bountiful harvest to help her neighbors. When she opened her eyes, the fountain water glowed even brighter, and Emma knew her wish had been granted.Excitedly, she rushed back to her village to share the good news with everyone. To her delight, her wish had come true, and the village was filled with abundant crops and happiness. Emma returned to the enchanted forest to thank Grace for the magical gift.She asked Grace if she could visit the fountain again to make more wishes. Grace replied, "You may return whenever your heart desires, but remember, kindness is the key." From that day on, Emma visited the enchanted fountain often, making wishes that brought joy and harmony to her village.She also shared the secret of the enchanted forest with her friends and neighbors. Together, they explored the magical wonders of the forest and learned the importance of kindness and selflessness. And so, the enchanted forest became a place of wonder and love, where wishes came true for those with pure hearts.