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Bella and Bubbly

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 11
  • Book Level: 3

Excerpt from The Book: "Bella and Bubbly"

Bella loves to play with butterflies.And with the birds.She loves to play with paper boats.She also likes to make sand castles.When Bella goes back home, Her mother asks her to clean up. But she refuses."I hate soaps!" she screams.One night, she has a dream. The germs are all around her castle and are attacking her.Bella is chased by the germs. She runs for her life and screams, “Help!”Suddenly, Soap King Bubbly appears. "Bella, don’t be afraid,” he says. “Go attack the germs!” Soap King orders his army of bubbles.The army of bubbles chases the germs away.These days, Bella likes to use soap, and she brushes and scrubs herself clean.