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The Friendly Elephant

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Book Level: 3
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Excerpt from The Book: "The Friendly Elephant"

Once upon a time, in a beautiful jungle, there lived a friendly elephant named Ellie. Ellie was known for her kind heart and gentle nature. Everyday, she roamed through the jungle, greeting her animal friends with a joyful trumpet. One sunny morning, Ellie heard a loud cry coming from the river.Curious, she hurried towards the sound and discovered a baby monkey named Milo in distress. Milo had gotten himself tangled in some vines and couldn't free himself. Without hesitation, Ellie used her strong trunk to carefully untangle the vines and set Milo free.Milo thanked Ellie with a big hug, and they quickly became the best of friends. Together, they explored the jungle, swinging from trees and splashing in the river. One day, as they were playing near a waterfall, they heard a loud roar.They turned and saw a lost lion cub named Leo looking frightened and alone. Ellie and Milo rushed to Leo's side and reassured him that they would help him find his family. Guided by Ellie's sense of direction, they embarked on an adventure through the jungle.After a thrilling journey, they found Leo's family waiting anxiously near a cave. Leo's parents were overjoyed to be reunited with their little cub. They expressed their deep gratitude to Ellie and Milo for their kindness. The jungle animals celebrated their friendship and incredible acts of bravery.From that day forward, Ellie, Milo, and Leo were inseparable, exploring the jungle together. Ellie's kindness and loyalty had created a bond that would last a lifetime. The jungle became a harmonious place, where animals of all kinds lived in peace and helped one another. And so, Ellie the Friendly Elephant, along with her friends, gave love and friendship to the heart of the jungle.