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My Fish! No, My Fish!

Written By: StoryWeaver

  • Total Pages: 11
  • Book Level: 1

Excerpt from The Book: "My Fish! No, My Fish!"

Dan woke up early one morning. “It is time to catch some fish,” he said.He met Charlie on the way to the pond. They were best friends who played all day long.Maya saw them marching with their fishing rods. “We are going to the pond to catch fish. Come along Maya, if you wish.”Little Maya thought for some time. “Please don’t do that,” she said, “without water, the fish will die.”They did not listen to what Maya had to say. They headed to the pond straight away.They sat waiting by the pond. Two fish swam across, one thin and another round.Then came the third fish, the biggest one they had seen. Maya said laughing, “It is bigger than my father's foot!."Dan and Charlie held on tight to their rods. Dan screamed, “MY FISH!” Charlie also screamed, “NO... MY FISH!”Dan pulled hard. Charlie pulled harder.Suddenly both the rods broke! Dan fell to the ground. Charlie fell into the water.What happened? What do you think? The fish had tied up both the strings! Maya giggled as she looked into the water.