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There Must Be a Rainbow

Written By: Nerissa Govender

  • Total Pages: 8
  • Book Level: 2

Excerpt from The Book: "There Must Be a Rainbow"

In a place called Valley, Lived a little girl named Clara. Clara was always a happy child because Everything fascinated her.Clara's father was a farmer, Her mother was a teacher. Clara was a dreamer. Clara's biggest dream was to help people.She had a lot of friends in the village, Especially the elders. They encouraged her to study. Clara also wanted to be wise.One day, the clouds began to gather over Valley. Everything became dark and grey. A storm swept over the land. A strong wind started to blow everything off.All the animals lost their homes. It was a very sad day. The village folk cried and wondered what they should do next. “All the crops are ruined!”But then Clara said something wise. “The storm only hurts us, Because of the way we choose to see it. If you look up the sun is shining again."It is a new day. “After every storm, there must be a rainbow!” Just then a glorious rainbow appeared in the sky. Everyone saw the rainbow and began to smile.They all started to rebuild their homes. They planted new crops. The grass grew greener than ever before. Once again there was hope and happiness in Valley