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The Little Dragon

Written By: ReadM

  • Total Pages: 8
  • Book Level: 1

Excerpt from The Book: "The Little Dragon"

Once upon a time, there was a little dragon named Spark. He lived in a cave in the forest with his parents. Spark was a very small dragon, and he was always getting into trouble. One day, Spark was playing in the forest when he saw a group of children playing.He wanted to join in, but the children were scared of him. They ran away when they saw Spark. Spark was sad. He didn't understand why the children were scared of him.He was just a little dragon. He didn't want to hurt anyone. Spark went back to his cave and cried. He didn't know what to do.He wanted to be friends with the children, but he didn't know how. The next day, Spark was playing in the forest when he saw a little girl sitting on a rock. The little girl was crying. Spark went over to the little girl and asked her what was wrong.The little girl told Spark that she was lost. She had been playing with her friends, but she had wandered away from them and now she didn't know how to get home. Spark told the little girl not to worry. He would help her find her way home.Spark took the little girl's hand and led her through the forest. They walked for a long time but finally found the little girl's house. The little girl's parents were so happy to see her. They thanked Spark for helping their daughter.The little girl was also happy to see her parents. She told them about Spark and how he had helped her find her way home. The little girl's parents were very impressed with Spark. They told him that he was a very brave dragon.They also told him that he was welcome to come and play with their daughter anytime he wanted. Spark was so happy. He finally had friends. He was no longer a lonely dragon.